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these are all pretty ridiculous.

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joan jett is a rock goddess.

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Soooo GONZO has this new release entitled Romeo x Juliet. It is pretty much extremely bastardized Shakespeare, but it is wicked pretty and I'm basically in love with it. Unfortunately, my internets are being retarded and I'm only up to episode 4 (of 10 currently released... grrr!) I have episodes 8 and 9, but of course I need 5, 6, and 7 first! GO BITTORRENT, GO!

Anyway. Fanart. Colossalcon starts Friday!

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P.S. If the image doesn't show up, it's not my fault. I've triple-checked my code, even went so far as to use the "imbed" thingy in LJ... and on my end, the image doesn't show up. Let me know if it works for you. It's on my server and all, too... if the image doesn't show up in LJ, just type it in:
I like to draw my dog.

Some new stuff. Flowers. Wanted to prove I can a) draw stuff other than people (success?) and b) use something other than the computer to color things. Woo.

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i want summer.
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